It Was One For The Ages!

Rocanville Saskatchewans’ very own Jessica Campbell’s journey in professional hockey made history the other night. Last year, she shattered barriers as the first female assistant coach in the American Hockey League, and Tuesday night, she achieved another groundbreaking feat by becoming the first woman to coach an NHL game.

Campbell’s remarkable appointment followed closely on the heels of her groundbreaking tenure as the first woman to contribute to a coaching staff at the men’s world championship in Finland, where she served as an assistant coach for Team Germany. Despite having been announced as a guest coach at the New York Rangers’ summer development camp just last month, the allure of a more prominent position with the Kraken proved irresistible.

Campbell explained after her previous promotion: “It’s always been my goal to try to put myself down a path where I could be full-time at the pro level.”
While the NHL had yet to witness a woman assume a coaching role during a game, Campbell had been actively pursuing this aspiration. Tonight, she shatters the glass ceiling as she guides the Seattle Kraken in their pre-season clash against the Calgary Flames.

Reflecting on her journey, she previously stated, “I’m working toward that goal for sure. I’m trying to get the proper experience and learn from the best. It’s a job that is tough to do. You’ve got to be prepared and execute, and you’ve got to do a good job to be able to be in that position and leading guys at the highest level. The visibility of this for me is important, but at the same time, my job is paramount, coaching and making sure that I’m doing the best I can.”
This moment could mark the inception of a remarkable turning point for women in professional hockey, and the future promises to hold fascinating developments.

We are so proud of all our Saskatchewan achievements, whether it’s a local story or global, we can’t help but to sing the praises of the trailblazers from this province. Today I’m extra proud to be a Saskatchewanian!


Aaron Murphy

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