New discount movie theatre opening in Regina

Going to see a first run movie is not an inexpensive prospect. Tickets to a movie and concession items can add up quickly.

Moonlight Movies will be a discount movie theatre, operated by the same people who run the Moonlight Drive In in Pilot Butte. -Image from the Moonlight Movies social media stream

Now there will be a “discount” theatre in Regina, in the same spot the old one operated.

The people behind the Moonlight Drive In in Pilot Butte are opening an indoor location in Regina’s “Golden Mile” in the same spot as the “Rainbow” Cinema operated for several years.

The “Moonlight Movies” will be second run movies with a ticket price of $4.99 per person. On Tuesdays the admission price will be $2.49. The owners say in a social media post they will have a concession and they will keep prices as low as possible, but that will be their prime source of revenue with the ticket cost being so low.

An official opening date hasn’t been set, the social media post says they hope to start showing movies in early October.

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