CHMA Regina kicks off campaign to upgrade building

A look at what the new CHMA building will look like. (Photo: CHMA Regina website)

The Regina branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) has officially launched a capital campaign to upgrade its existing building.

Shannon Patton, the director of community engagement with the Regina CMHA, said they hope to accomplish three main goals during the campaign.

“One is to keep the existing structure and the integrity of the building safe. We want to make sure that everything remains that way, and we can stay in the building,” she said. “The second thing is really about creating those efficiencies. We all know the costs have gone up extraordinarily, and for us, being a non-profit, any big change in costs really affects our bottom line.”

Patton added that the last goal they hope to accomplish is ensuring their building is appealing to the public and welcoming for those interested in their services.

The campaign has set a fundraising goal of $1.2 million. The Regina CMHA hosted a kick-off ceremony to kick off the campaign, which saw a $61,000 donation from the Regina branch of Colliers.

She said the 72-year-old building has seen minimal upgrades.

“We’ve done a lot on the main part in the members club here. We’ve done a lot to update that, but nothing else has been updated.”

While moving to a new location is an option, Patton believes the current building is a perfect place for them to call home.

“It’s not only ideal because we’re at a perfect intersection, but it’s ideal because a lot of our members live in the surrounding area, and a lot of our members don’t have vehicles. They want, or they take transit, and transit is right outside,” she said. “It’s perfect for us, and it’s ideal for them (members) to be able to come here, and that was huge for us.”

The campaign will be split into two different phases. Phase 1 will go from September 2023 to August 2024 to raise $600,000 to update the building’s windows, roof, and exterior. The second phase will go from September 2024 to September 2027 to raise another $600,000 to upgrade the electrical, HVAC systems and flooring.

For more information on the campaign and on how to donate, you can visit CHMA Regina’s website.

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