Fence at City Hall in Regina coming down.

City workers will be taking down a massive fence placed around city hall, after the removal a homeless camp.

Work is underway this morning.

In the statement, City Manager Niki Anderson said the green spaces on the City Hall Courtyard are safe and clean.

The fences have allowed the grass to recover, and have significantly reduced the future cost of landscape repair.

Over the summer, a homeless encampment sprung up in the courtyard, in an effort to pressure the city to do more about the homeless situation in the city.

When the camp was dismantled for safety reasons, the fence was put up. The reasoning was that the ground was polluted, according to Mayor Sandra Masters, who estimated the clean up cost would be $600,000.

Moving forward, the City will enforce its Parks & Open Space Bylaw in the Courtyard.

The statement said the parks bylaw prohibits the establishment of a camp, and that as with any bylaw, the City’s goal is voluntary compliance.

The announcement was made after council’s meeting yesterday, with no comment from the Mayor.

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