First attempt to introduce “gender and pronoun policy” in the legislature fails.

The provincial government’s attempt to introduce new legislation enshrining its gender and pronoun policies for children 16 and under has failed.

All members of the house have to agree. In this case the NDP minority had a chance to delay the introduction of the bill, and refused to “grant leave”.

This is a common tactic in a parliamentary democracy, but there limits. The government will introduce it a second time tomorrow, and will more than like be denied. On Thursday, on the third attempt, the house must allow the bill to pass first reading, getting it put on the “order paper” to be debated the next day in the house.

There are other stalling tactics the NDP have available to them to try and slow down the passage, but the Sask Party will eventually be able to pass bill, and put it into law.

Premier Scott Moe has promised to invoke the “notwithstanding clause” of the charter to prevent this law from a court challenge for five years.

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