Saskatchewan school left with hole in roof

A school in Saskatoon has a gaping hole in its roof, leading to questions from the NDP about the government’s lack of action in addressing the issue.

Back in June, concerned parents and school administrators took Saskatoon MLAs, including the Sask. Party’s Gordon Wyant and Marv Friesen, on a tour of Monique-Rousseau School. During the tour, they highlighted the gaping roof hole and the cramped conditions that students endure due to water damage.

In a news release NDP Leader Carla Beck Says

“There’s a gaping hole in the roof of this school and the Premier has called an emergency debate over what kids call each other on the playground,”

said Beck.

“Our schools are literally crumbling before our eyes and parents are rightly concerned that the government doesn’t care about the issues that matter most.” 

Despite months of government inaction, in September, concerned parents submitted a petition with nearly 200 signatures, urging action.

In contrast the Sask. Party government’s own officials said that the government developed its pronoun policy in nine days after receiving 18 letters, only seven of which identified themselves as parents.

After silence from the Saskatchewan Party – the school experienced flooding, leading to class cancellations on October 6th.

Upon reopening, two classrooms and the library were deemed unusable, causing further disruption to the learning environment.

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