City Launches “Back Pack Radar” Program

The City of Regina in conjunction with the CAA and the Regina Police service is launching a new initiative at Regina Schools. Kids serving on safety patrols will be wearing backpacks outfitted with radar. The backpacks will display the speed drivers are going, creating an instant visual reminder for drivers.

Regina is the first City in Saskatchewan to launch this initiative. The use of speed radar backpacks started in Quebec as a campaign to help raise awareness around school zone speeds with positive feedback from residents and students. It is now being adopted in many municipalities throughout Quebec, and now in Regina.

The City has four speed radar backpacks that will be in use at different schools throughout the month of October.

The initial launch of the program will begin with four schools in a rotation over the next two weeks: Ethel Milliken, W.S. Hawrylak, St. Francis and St. Jerome will be included in the program launch.

After the October initiative comes to a close, the City will work with partners to consider expanding to additional schools throughout the school year.

Police in April of this year, at two Regina schools observed over 515 motorist infractions including speeding, distracted driving

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