Slow down, roads are slick after first snowfall

It’s a tricky day for driving, thanks to the first snowfall of the year.

In Regina about 3 inches of snow fell, making the streets slippery and slushy. The snow is expected to continue through the morning, and ease to light flurries later in the day. There is the potential for more snow tonight in and around Regina.

Streets in the city are slick with a good layer of snow on top. As this is the first snow of the winter, people will be getting used to driving in “winter conditions” once again.

In Saskatoon, police there have responded to several minor crashes, and they are urging people to slow down and leave plenty of room between themselves, and the vehicle in front.

Out on the highways, the “Highway Hotline” is reporting winter driving conditions. So if you are going town to town on a highway you can expect snow, blowing snow, poor visibility and slippery sections.

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