Province reports four deaths, over 700 cases of COVID-19

In the past four weeks, there have been four deaths in COVID-19 cases, all in the 60 years or older group.

That is according to the province’s latest Community Respiratory Illness Surveillance Program (CRISP) report.

The report for the period of October 8 to October 21 shows that hospitalization due to the virus is on the rise, with 217 people being admitted to the hospital, including 17 in the ICU.

Seven hundred thirty-five people also tested positive for COVID-19 in a laboratory system, from 200 more than the previous reporting period.

The report also notes that of those aged five years and older, only 8.6% have received their latest dose in the last six months, with less than 50 percent of the population up-to-date for their COVID-19 vaccines when excluding Regina.

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