This restaurant has had enough of vomiting customers (audio)

More and more restaurants are starting to crack down on unruly customers, and rightfully so. When people go out to dine, they want a peaceful, enjoyable experience as does the restaurant since it’s their reputation on the line thanks to online reviews.

Toccoa Restaurant is Georgia is one of many restaurants tacking on a $50 “fine” for parents who can’t keep their kids well behaved during their meal. Another restaurant in California is fining customers who drink to much and barf all over the establishment. Kitchen Story in Oakland, California has had enough of cleaning up other people’s vomit. According to the restaurant the $50 “fine” is for cleanup of the boozy barf and to prevent customers from over indulging.

Listen to the story here:

A salute to all the bar and restaurant owners these days. It’s not easy balancing food prices, menu prices, and customer satisfaction, but somehow restaurant managers and owners make it work.

Bon Appetit!

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