REAL Board of Directors requests to be removed from Tourism Regina responsibilities

At next week’s Regina city council meeting, council will consider a request to end REAL’s oversight of Tourism Regina.

The request, which was unanimously approved and brought forward by the Regina Exhibition Association Limited (REAL) Board of Directors on October 5, will also see city administration recommending that the council approve transitioning Tourism Regina’s responsibilities to the City of Regina.

The request also comes after a completed review of governance policies by the REAL Board of Directors, who said it is also currently reviewing REAL’s operational procedures and decision-making processes and is engaging with local agencies to support enhanced training for the REAL team. The board has also completed a review of the organizational structure for REAL and Tourism Regina.

“The amenities and operations of REAL are core to the success of the visitor economy,” said Wayne Morsky, Chair of REAL Board of Directors. “However, it is the position of the Board of Directors that the transition of Tourism Regina from within REAL is the best path forward to ensure the success of both organizations and the overall growth of tourism in Regina.”

“Based on the findings of the independent external review performed by George Cuff and Associates, it is the position of the Board of Directors that REAL must focus on the core business of the organization,” a media release added.

Tourism Regina staff have been notified of REAL’s request for the City Council and City Administration’s recommendation.

Operational details regarding the organization’s possible transition from REAL to the City of Regina can only be established once the council considers REAL’s request and the City Administration’s recommendation.

Currently, REAL ensures Tourism Regina delivers on its mandate to drive the visitor economy.

Administration’s report to the council on this matter will be made publicly available on as part of the agenda package for the regularly scheduled City Council meeting on November 8.

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