Masters receives support from city council to attend COP28 in Dubai

The Government of Saskatchewan is leading a delegation to the UN Climate Conference (COP28) in Dubai, UAE.

As part of an active partnership between the Ministry of Trade & Export Development and Economic Development Regina (EDR), the City of Regina’s participation will be geared toward positioning the Greater Regina Area (GRA) as a natural and preferred home for climate-friendly production of food, fuel and fertilizer and the corresponding investment opportunities.

EDR invited Mayor Sandra Masters to participate in the delegation to COP28.

Masters says that she is there to promote the Queen City.

“To amplify and highlight all those things that are happening in Saskatchewan which we think the world should know about,” she explained. “It’s also we’re a place to invest in, and we’re a place to send your students to. We’re a place which is a beautiful place to live, and so it really is an introduction to the world. When we’re attempting to attract folks to come and go to university here, to invest dollars here, and to live here, a little bit of it is about showcasing that as well.”

Masters says that she will speak of the City’s successes.

“We’ll be speaking about the geothermal in terms of our investment into that. We may also be speaking to something like our Indigenous Procurement Policy from the perspective of an equity-based lens on economic fairness, which we also know is important as we proceed with climate action and climate mitigation,” she said. “It’s about where we’ve played a part in advancing different things as a city and how we’ve helped to promote and be a good partner in terms of establishing the canola crush plants and the integrated ag complex and renewable diesel and those types of things.”

As for what would make the trip a success, Masters said part of that is the number of people she can engage with and what she can learn from touching base with other cities.

While residents have been concerned about the trip’s cost, Masters added that EDR and the Government of Saskatchewan are converting the journey to the City at no charge.

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