Cattle prices mixed according to Canfax Cattle Market Update

The latest Cattle Market Update from Canfax, for the week of November 10, suggests Saskatchewan cattle prices were mixed last week.

Livestock Development Intern at the Ministry of Agriculture Emily Taylor says feeder steer prices were down in all but two categories, while heifer prices were mixed.

The 400-500lb and 500-600lb steer categories saw week-over-week increases of $5.92 and $0.88, respectively. The largest price decrease was in the 900+lb steer category at $12.42 per cwt.

Heifers, meanwhile, were up in the 400-500 ($1.63), 500-600 ($2.91) and 600-700lb categories ($1.58); and down in the 300-400 (-$2.22), 700-800 (-$1.86), and 800+ (-$7.83) categories. The 800+lb heifers had the largest price decline for this past week.

A chart of last week’s cattle prices in Saskatchewan is below.

Taylor said as feeder cattle prices got weaker as feed lots filled up, lowering demand, and a decline in cattle future prices; the November contract of feeder cattle dropped $10.88 per cwt and the January contract $13.33. Live cattle futures for December decreased $9.70 per cwt and $10.58 for February.

The number of cattle sold at auction in Saskatchewan was down a bit compared to the previous week. Canfax reported 42,063 head sold, down from the previous week’s 44,501, but still higher than the 31,782 head marketed during the same week last year.

Canfax also reported Alberta fed steers averaged $230.89 per cwt for the week ending November 10. Cash sales volumes were light last week, and no price was established. Prices of Alberta cows reported on November 10 were down compared to November 3. D2 cows decreased on average $4.13 per cwt from the previous week to average $133.94 per cwt. D3 slaughter cows were down $5.34 per cwt from the prior week, ending the week at an average price of $118.29 per cwt.

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