15 more Creative Saskatchewan productions set to generate an estimated $14.6 million in economic impact

Creative Saskatchewan and the Government of Saskatchewan showcased 15 trailers from the 34 productions that have received funding over the past two years from the Creative Saskatchewan Feature Film and Television Production Grant Program.

The productions were celebrated with the trailers being shown during a private screening event at the Roxy Magic Lantern Theatre in Saskatoon.

Approximately 70 new full-time employment positions arose from these productions. The featured productions boast a variety of content, from animation to docuseries, feature films, and sitcoms.

Ryan Moccasin is one of the producers of The Feather News and was included in today’s showreel.

For Moccasin, the film provides an avenue to tell the rich stories of Saskatchewan’s heritage and illuminate the path for local indigenous talent.

“Each investment in the film sector is a commitment to cultural storytelling and economic growth, nurturing a vibrant community where the arts and opportunity flourish in unison,” Moccasin said. “We are crafting a future where the industry not only thrives but also serves as a beacon for inclusivity and diversity in entertainment.”

“It fills us with so much pride to show Saskatchewan’s capabilities to the world,” Creative Saskatchewan CEO Erin Dean said. “Stay tuned for even more activity coming down the pipeline with even bigger impacts. The future of film in Saskatchewan is very bright.”

Creative Saskatchewan invested a total of $3 million into the productions that were featured at the Roxy Theatre.

For every $1 invested, the economy received a boost of $4.93.

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