How a fridge becomes an iceberg

When it comes time for a vacation, we’re usually pretty focused on packing the important things like toiletries, clothes, and medication. It’s not uncommon to forget about double checking the appliances before leaving for an extended period of time. Nothing worse than being away from home and wondering “did I turn off that burner on the stove?” Did I remember to close the refrigerator door?”

A couple in the US recently DID double check their appliances before leaving on vacation for four months, however, they made one critical error regarding the ice maker feature on their fridge. They took the ice bucket out of the fridge before leaving thinking it would disable their ice maker. Instead, the opposite happened. When they got home they had a fridge full of ice! For four months the ice maker never stopped, causing a massive ice buildup.

Photo/video from @twoticketstosaradise on TikTok

Ice filled the shelves in the door, the shelves in the back of the fridge, and coated everything that remained in the fridge. Once the family got home and opened the door, am ice avalanche came sliding out the door. No word on whether the fridge is destroyed or if it will be fine, but one thing is guaranteed – they’re going to get one heck of a big water bill!

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