Pair of ads to raise awareness of snow plow safety and Highway Hotline

To enhance winter road safety, the Ministry of Highways has initiated a new campaign emphasizing the importance of planning and utilizing the Highway Hotline for a safer journey.

The campaign features a pair of advertisements to educate motorists on key aspects of winter travel.

One advertisement highlights the significance of the Highway Hotline, emphasizing its role as a vital tool for all drivers to stay informed about road conditions before embarking on winter journeys.

The second ad focuses on the impact of snowplows on visibility and cautions drivers about the potential hazards associated with these winter maintenance vehicles. The campaign advises motorists not to risk navigating through the mini blizzards snowplows create. Instead, it urges them to exercise caution, maintain a safe distance, and stay back to ensure both their safety and the safety of others on the road.

Through these advertisements, the Ministry aims to raise awareness about the Highway Hotline as a valuable resource for informed travel decisions and to underscore the need for vigilance when encountering snowplows during winter road maintenance operations.

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