Regina Fourth on the list of most livable cities in Canada

The people who live in the Queen City have heard all the jokes, fielded questions about “why would you live there?” from relatives in other provinces, but the people who live in Regina know the secret. Its a pretty darn good place to live.

With plenty of amazing park space, good transit, and good schools, the people who live in Regina have always known.

Regina can stage events large and small, and have an army of volunteers ready and willing to help out. From minor hockey tournaments to church fundraisers, from Junos to Grey Cups. Regina has excellent restaurants and hotels, fun activities from theatre and art to science.

Does it have its warts? Of course, that’s also part of the beauty of this city. It’s not a looking to be perfect, only to be a little better.

Regina placed fourth on the Globe and Mail’s list of most livable cities in Canada, noted for its thriving population, and decreasing crime rate.

The publication explains it ranked 439 cities across the country factoring in economy, housing, health care, education and climate.

Saskatoon was was just outside the top ten, ranking 12th on the list.

Victoria, B.C. was the number one ranked, most livable city in the country, and its no small wonder. With its temperate coastal climate, bustling city and growing population its been a popular destination for many.

North Vancouver B.C., across Burrard Inlet from the City of Vancouver ranked second, with Winnipeg coming in third.

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