Opposition NDP member apologizes for like on controversial Instagram post

A Saskatchewan NDP legislature member has apologized for liking a social media post that some view as antisemitic.

Jennifer Bowes says she never intended to cause anyone any pain when she liked a post on Instagram that contained a video where people chanted “from the river to the sea.”

It’s been a popular refrain among pro-Palestinian protesters raising concerns about the Israel-Hamas war.

The phrase is an abbreviation of “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

Protesters say the slogan is used to highlight the lack of freedoms Palestinians have in the territory between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea.

Some Israel advocacy organizations say the chant could be viewed as promoting ethnic cleansing of Jewish people.

Pro-Palestinian groups say the slogan is not threatening.

Bowes says she is to continue to reach out to both Muslim and Jewish communities in an effort to foster mutual respect.

Last week, the Saskatchewan legislature was temporarily halted when protesters shouted from the public galleries and called for a ceasefire.

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