First-degree murder trial of Saskatchewan Mountie enters second day

Crown prosecutors say they expect to call five witnesses today during the first-degree murder trial of a former Saskatchewan Mountie.

Bernie Herman is on trial for the 2021 death of 26-year-old Braden Herman. 

The two are not related. 

Braden Herman’s body was found in an isolated area of Little Red River Park, on the outskirts of Prince Albert, Sask., that May. 

Bernie Herman, a 32-year member of the RCMP, has pleaded not guilty. 

Court heard Monday that the Mountie sent a text to his wife saying he shot someone. 

Const. Richard Wittal told the Prince Albert Court of King’s Bench that Bernie Herman’s wife and daughter went to his house the night of the killing. They showed Wittal a text message allegedly from Bernie Herman that read: “I shot Braden. It’s over and done with.”

Court heard that Bernie Herman ended up driving to his staff sergeant’s home, where he was ultimately arrested. 

Wittal testified that Bernie Herman usually left his uniform and pistol at the RCMP station. 

An agreed statement of facts read into court Monday said that Braden Herman was shot with a pistol issued by the RCMP to Bernie Herman. The officer was also wearing his RCMP uniform and vest when he arrived at his staff sergeant’s home.

Const. Daniel Logan, with the Prince Albert police forensics unit, told court Monday that Bernie Herman had a few nicks on his knuckles but no other sign of injury after his arrest. In response to questions from defence lawyers, Logan said he didn’t take photos of the top of Bernie Herman’s head or the inside of his mouth in search of other injuries. 

Court also heard about the wooded area where Braden Herman’s body was found. Logan said it was along a bush trail, which a truck could just barely drive down. There was garbage everywhere, including condoms and their wrappers. 

Logan said when he arrived, Braden Herman’s body was under a tarp on the ground. 

Family have described Braden Herman as a friendly giant who was caring and thoughtful. His older brother, Brett Herman, said the trial is going to be very difficult for their family. 

“Just trying to get through it and having to relive everything definitely isn’t easy,” he said outside court Monday. 

“One day at a time I guess.”

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