The Oxford Dictionary disagrees with the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

This is the time of year when those year end lists start to come out. So far we’ve learned that Taylor Swift is the Time Magazine Person of the Year, we know that the artificial intelligence program ChatGPT was the most searched for item on Wikipedia, and we know that “authentic” is the word of the year for 2023…or is it?

Merriam-Webster claimed the most used word this year was “authentic,” however the makers of the Oxford Dictionary disagree. The Oxford University Press says “rizz” is actually the word of the year. Rizz, a Generation Z term, is actually shorthand for “charisma,” and means to attract or seduce someone. The popularity of the word is partially attributed to actor Tom Holland. Earlier this year, an entertainment journalist asked Holland what his secret was to his “rizz.” He responded by saying he had no rizz.

While “rizz” was the most popular word, we can’t forget about the other words that made the list including “swiftie,” “prompt,” and “situationship,” which essentially means a “friends-with-benefits” situation. Last year’s Oxford word of the year was “goblin-mode,” just in case you were wondering.

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