Regina council tables budget talks to Monday

The wild ride at City Hall continues as Regina council has voted to table its 2024 General Operating and Captial Budget for next week.

Councillor Jason Mancenelli brought forward a tabling motion for council to pause deliberations on the pair of budgets for now and reconvene Monday at noon for continued discussions.

That comes after the council had previously voted to refer the budgets to January 31st, but that was quickly undone after council returned from a break in a motion to reconsider the referral motion.

Council would vote to reconsider the referral motion and then vote against referring the budget to next year.

It follows the three days of budget talks plagued by councillors’ confusion over the budget.

Shortly after Mancenelli’s motion to table the operating and capital budgets, the council voted to also table the utility budget. This means that after three days of deliberations, the council has only passed the Regina Police Service budget.

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