Premier Scott Moe talks about the economy, the federal government, and an election during year end interview

Getting the economy going in the right direction was one of things Premier Scott Moe feels was a big accomplishment for his government, but he concedes there is more work to be done, especially when it comes to protecting that economy in the months and years ahead.

Premier Scott Moe talking with Harvard Media News in a Year End Interview.

In a wide ranging interview with Harvard Media News at the massive table in the meeting room adjacent to his office at the legislature, Premier Scott Moe talked openly on many topics from the economy to childcare; from relations with the federal government, to his many friendships in Saskatchewan.

“I think this year we did quite well with respect to attracting that investment and building that budget for the future”. the premier said. Moe believes that is one of the highlights for his government in 2023.

The year was also marked with constant disagreements with the federal government, and none bigger than the carbon tax.

The premier was asked about that relationship, and while he agreed there are points of friction with feds, there are numerous areas they also agree on. One of those was the new child care program.

“It’s been a strong program, and that’s why we signed up early and have been trying everything we can do to encourage and help build capacity. Opening up training spots for example for early education childcare workers, and try to improve wages to attract more people to that space.”

The premier has been touting Saskatchewan food, fuel and fertilizer as some of the most sustainable and clean products in the world. We asked the premier if selling “Made in Saskatchewan” products is difficult against the headwinds of climate change, and reducing emmissions.

“Its not difficult overseas at all. It is sometime difficult to get through our national government to get to that overseas market. I pine for the days when we can stand shoulder to shoulder with our federal government and not only being selling Saskatchewan products, but being proud of all Canadian products.”

Moe admits a change in leadership at the federal level would be a key in that, but there isn’t a federal election expected until the fall of 2025.

Premier Moe will be facing the electorate in Saskatchewan in the fall of 2024.

You can listen to the entire interview below.

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