Welcome to January

Is it just me or did 2023 go by way to fast? It’s shocking to say we’re now into January 2024 and, no, I did not make a new year’s resolution. Well, I’m lying a little bit I guess. My resolution was to make sure I wrote down 2024, not 2023, on forms!

Like most months, the name “January” comes from the days of the Roman Empire and their beliefs in various gods. Janus was the Roman god who represented new beginnings and was considered the guardian of doorways and gates. I guess his idea of a joke is making us humans pull on a door when it clearly says “push.” Somewhere Janus is having a hearty laugh at us.

January also brings awareness to several things. For example, did you know January is Braille Literacy Month? Louis Braille, the creator of a system to help the visually impaired read, was born on January 4th, 1809 in France. When he was a just 15 he completed his system of raised dots on paper to allow allow the visually impaired the ability to read and the system has remained largely unchanged since he started it all those years ago.

Some of us tend to feel a bit blue in January because the Christmas/New Year season is behind us and the Christmas bills start to come in. He doesn’t have to be depressing though. Perhaps it’s the right time to start or learn a new hobby since it’s hobby month. Give the gift of life because it’s also blood donor month. January is also the month to celebrate soup, oatmeal, and hot tea. These are all things that feel like as big, warm hug around our stomachs. Plus, we have a lot of things to look forward to this year, including the Brier, CFL, rodeos, Country Thunder Saskatchewan, and the legendary 620 CKRM cookouts.

See….January is not that bad! Happy New Year from Cody and Gloria and we’ll see you around the bend.

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