Let it snow, but clear your sidewalks when it does

The City of Regina is urging residents to take prompt action in clearing snow and ice from sidewalks to ensure safe and accessible pathways for all community members.

Property owners are required to clear sidewalks within 48 hours following a snow or ice event, with a stricter 24-hour deadline for properties within Schedule B of The Clean Property Bylaw, primarily situated in the Downtown area. To assist residents in combating icy conditions, the City provides a sand/salt mix for free, aiding in traction.

Shoveling guidelines include clearing snow to the edges of the sidewalk, as close to the concrete as possible, to create a flat and even surface. Failure to comply with the clearing deadlines may result in the City issuing a Notice of Non-Compliance to the property owner, specifying a timeframe for the sidewalk to be cleared. The City emphasizes a collaborative approach, encouraging property owners to reach out if facing challenges in meeting the deadlines. If sidewalks remain uncleared, the City will undertake the task, and associated costs will be applied to the property owner’s taxes.

Regina’s sidewalk snow clearing regulations, effective since January 1, 2022, are part of The Clean Property Bylaw. The City aims to enhance pedestrian safety during winter months by ensuring sidewalks are promptly cleared. For more information and resources related to sidewalk snow clearing, residents can visit Regina.ca/sidewalk. By fostering community participation, the City seeks to create winter walkways that are accessible to all residents, whether on foot, using mobility devices, or pushing strollers.

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