Saskatchewan Embraces Snowmobile Safety

The province has declared January 14 – 20, 2024, as Provincial Snowmobile Safety Week in Saskatchewan, aligning with the International Snowmobile Safety Week. The week is recognized by the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association and its 62 member club and signifies a provincial commitment to promoting safe, family-friendly snowmobiling experiences.

Saskatchewan boasts over 11,000 kilometers of meticulously maintained snow-covered trails, a winter wonderland waiting to be explored by thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts. As part of the Snowmobile Safety Awareness Week, activities and events are planned to foster responsible attitudes and actions, building a generation of riders that are not only thrilled by cruising trails in the winter – but also responsible.

Snowmobiling is a cherished family activity across Canada, offering an exhilarating escape to thousands. However, to ensure a seamless blend of fun and safety, enthusiasts are urged to follow essential guidelines.

“Safe Snowmobiling means riding within your own capabilities, operating at safe and appropriate speeds for the terrain, and never riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Always wear a helmet and adequate clothing, stay within designated riding areas, and always snowmobile with another person, never alone,” the association said in a press release.

Preparedness is key, and snowmobilers are encouraged to carry essentials like spare parts for basic repairs, a first aid kit, and survival provisions for unforeseen circumstances. These precautions, coupled with common sense and a clear head, form the backbone of responsible snowmobiling.

For those seeking more information on responsible snowmobiling practices and safety tips, visit the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association’s website,

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