Former Roughriders President & CEO Jim Hopson is grateful of the memories he has been a part of

There is no doubt that Jim Hopson is one of the most important individuals in the history of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Following his time as a player, Hopson returned to the organization as the President and CEO from 2005-2014. Under his watch, the Roughriders enjoyed their most successful era, including a pair of Grey Cup titles (2007, 2013).

In 2019, Hopson was inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

But now time is not on the side of the local legend.

Unfortunately, Hopson was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer on April 9, 2021. Following the diagnosis, he would undergo 46 chemo treatments.

Once it was determined the chemo lost it effectiveness, Hopson switched to an alternative form of treatment in September.

After a series of tests this past week, it was determined that Hopson’s latest treatment had lost its effectiveness. He is now entering the final stage of his journey in the coming months.

Hopson was gracious enough to join the Sportscage with Michael Ball on Thursday.

Riders Past CEO & President Jim Hopson

Not surprisingly, the tributes were pouring in throughout the former Roughriders President & C.E.O.’s appearance on the show and will certainly continue in the future.

Upon reflecting on his situation, Hopson wished he had been more proactive in receiving his diagnosis. He encourages others to go for a checkup.

“A colonoscopy, everybody seems to think it’s a big deal, it’s not really a big deal, get checked and if it’s clean that’s great, if not they can catch it early, they have great success treating it.”

Hopson thanked the Allan Blair Cancer Centre for their care and treatment he was provided in his battle with Colon Cancer.

The former Roughriders and Rams player noted because of the chemotherapy, he could travel, including a trip to Mexico.

With no treatment now, Hopson will look to spend his remaining time with loved ones, including his wife, Brenda.

As he enters this stage of his life, Hopson says he spends time thinking about the good times. Along with the memories with his family, he felt blessed to be able to play for his hometown teams, the Regina Rams and the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

After retiring from football, Hopson pursued a career in education that he found rewarding even before joining the Roughriders as CEO.

“If it had all ended after my education career, I would’ve still felt really good about what happened in my life.”

Hopson said it was a gift leading the green and white, including the Grey Cup Championships under his leadership

When word began to spread of Hopson’s news, the tributes and well-wishes began flowing in. It meant a lot to Hopson the support he has received from the friends, including the ones from the Roughrider and Rams organizations.

Even with the grim news, Hopson wants to see the Roughriders on the field in 2024 and throughout his battle, he has kept a close eye on the football club.

The addition of Corey Mace as the new head coach has Hopson excited for the upcoming season. He believes that Mace brings credibility to the organization thanks to the relationships he has built and his ability to hold everyone accountable. Additionally, Mace’s willingness to commit to the community is an important quality in a coach, according to Hopson.

“It makes a difference, you connect, you understand.” He added, “it’s more than a game.”

Hopson cherishes the memories he has made with his loved ones, but what makes him most proud is the number of people who have told him that he has had a positive impact on their lives, including teachers, students, and friends alike.

Throughout his journey, Hopson appreciated the support he received from Brenda.

“We’re a great team and we’ve always been a great team.”

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