Province Faces Bitter, Cold Days Ahead.

The entire province of Saskatchewan is in the icy grip of a cold front, prompting widespread extreme cold warnings from Environment Canada. Wind chill values as low as -55°C are expected to persist throughout the weekend. Environment Canada Meteorologist Justin Shelley says these temperatures will likely be around until the end of the month.

“Although it is hard to gauge – it certainly looks as though these temperatures may continue now through to the end of the month.”

The conditions feel especially trying given recent unseasonably warm conditions through December, with temperatures we’re experiencing closer to seasonal norms.

Shelley adds that frostbite is a serious concern in such extreme conditions, posing a significant risk. Environment Canada emphasizes the rapid onset of frostbite, warning that exposed skin can be affected within minutes, particularly when factoring in the wind chill. Residents are advised to cover up.

“If you can,” adds Shelley “try and have a wind resistant outside layer, wear multiple layers and stay dry.”

As the province collectively confronts this bitter cold, the importance of looking out for one another can not be overstated. Check on friends and neighbors and if you see someone in need of assistance call for help. The mobile crisis helpline for extreme weather emergencies can be reached at (306) 757-0127.

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