Sask. NDP launch NoMoeGasTax petition

Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck and Affordability Critic Trent Wotherspoon speak in front of a gas station while announcing the petition to suspend the provincial gas tax. (Photo by Tanner Wallace-Scribner)

In a move to address the pressing financial concerns of Saskatchewan residents, the Official Opposition NDP has launched a petition urging Premier Scott Moe to suspend the provincial gas tax for at least six months.

Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck expressed the urgency of the matter.

“Premier Moe has the power to act today and suspend the gas tax. The Sask. Party government needs to stop pointing fingers and start delivering real solutions. People are breaking the bank just to fill the tank.” Beck said in front of a Regina gas station, highlighting the tangible impact of the gas tax on everyday citizens.

Suspending the current 15-cent/litre tax on gas and diesel for six months could potentially provide households with significant relief, saving them approximately $356 during this period.

The NDP’s launch of the petition called and call for the temporary measure aligns with actions taken by nearly half of the Canadian provinces, which have temporarily suspended gas taxes in response to the cost-of-living challenges their residents face. Saskatchewan is currently the lone Prairie province yet to implement gas-tax relief.

Affordability Critic Trent Wotherspoon emphasized the superficial impact of transportation costs on families.

“Getting to work, dropping the kids off at activities, or driving into town isn’t cheap, especially in these temperatures. Transportation is a necessity, and it’s just not fair for Premier Moe to deny families needed relief. He’s out of touch with the cost-of-living hardship that families are facing, and he has indefensibly driven those costs up with his tax, power bill, and fee increases.”

The NDP’s push for gas tax relief coincides with the results of the most recent Angus Reid poll, released earlier this month.

The poll reveals that residents of Saskatchewan are the most likely in Canada to express worries about their financial situations heading into 2024.

The data highlights the significance of addressing economic concerns, and the NDP’s petition aims to alleviate some of the financial burdens the people of Saskatchewan face.

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