Thanks for the smile!

Everyone looking for those smiles will definitely find them this weekend and next at FROST Regina. The event begins on Friday and continues through to Sunday with events stretching through the week at select venues then that first weekend of February.

Volunteers make up a huge part of this event and there might still be an opportunity to get involved. The beauty of volunteering; meeting new people and finding out that you have transferable skills that may have been laying dormant for a few years. Newly retired, or just not working at the time? Being apart of FROST could be a golden opportunity to finding that next paid gig! Between the people you meet and the things that you are asked to do or help with, you may surprise yourself on strengths you possess.

The Saskatchewan weather seems to be smiling on FROST this year with a break from cold and windy conditions. Considering the vast majority of events are held outside, this is great news. Firepits will help keep you and guests toasty warm, if you like the smell of wood smoke, I recommend signing up to be an attendant. Firepits at FROST are the best way to meet new people and an open venue to start conversation. The event organizers have made the shifts manageable whether you are inside or outside at a venue. Also each venue offers a warm up area with beverages and snacks.

I can tell you, from experience, that all jobs are important and enjoyable. Stories are told, shared experiences reveal some of the fun, unusual and heartwarming stories and outcomes that have transpired over the previous FROST events.

Volunteers « Frost Regina Presented by Co-Op

Take a chance on becoming a volunteer, you are a valuable asset to the visitors. Dig out the ski pants, heavy jacket, snow boots and get ready to be enjoy the fresh air. Oh and if you volunteer – a Frost toque and scarf are in your future.

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