Charlie Clark stepping down as Mayor of Saskatoon

After nearly 18 years in the public eye, Charlie Clark has decided not to run in the 2024 civic election.

Charlie Clark was first elected to Saskatoon City council in 2006. Ten years later, he defeated four-term incumbent Don Atchison to become Mayor and was re-elected in 2020.

“I want to get the most out of these last years with my kids, Simon, Ben, and Rachel…before they’ve moved out and moved on,” Clark admitted.

He adds that he didn’t intend to make a career out of politics when the opportunity came up, however he is grateful he made the decision to do something daunting and run for city council all those years ago. He encourages others to take a leap of faith as well.

Clark took time during his announcement to clear up some rumours.

“I do not plan for running for provincial or federal politics in any of the upcoming elections that are coming up in this cycle,” he stated.

He notes that forming meaningful relationships with people in the community has been the highlight of his journey.

“I’ve had a chance to see what’s involved in getting a playground built, a sidewalk or a pothole repaired, or an accessible curb ramp installed and the impact that these seemingly little things can have on people’s lives. And I’ve also had a chance to see the incredible collaboration required in the building of three new bridges, an art gallery, River Landing, the Children’s Museum, a police station, leisure and sports facilities, the expanded Meewasin Trail system, seven new neighbourhoods to house 100,000 people who have come from all across the province and all around the world who now call our city home, and also what’s involved in a city navigating a global pandemic.”

He admits that 2023 showed him challenges like never before, such as affordability and homelessness, however that is not the reason for his leave.

“I can tell in my heart that it is time for a new chapter in my life, and I honestly don’t know what that is yet.”

Clark will remain in his role as Mayor until the next election in the fall.

-With Files from CJWW in Saskatoon-

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