Red Light Cameras in Regina Will Be watching for “right turns”.

The City of Regina is announcing its “Red Light” cameras in the city will be looking for more than people who “run the red”.

The cameras will also be looking for drivers who fail to make a complete stop, before turning right on a red light.

“Through the expansion of the Red Light Safety Program, we are focusing on preventing rolling right turn on red violations because they pose a significant safety risk, particularly for vulnerable road users,” said Chris Warren, Director of Roadways and Transportation. “Drivers can protect pedestrians and cyclists by making a full stop before turning right at all red lights and stop signs.”

There are three “Red Light” Cameras in Regina: Albert and Saskatchewan Drive, Albert and Parliament and Dewdney Avenue and Lewvan Drive.

Starting February 1st, drivers not coming to a stop at a red light will be issued a warning. April 1st, fines will be issued for $230 for the first infraction.

“There were 170 collisions in 2023 involving pedestrians and vehicles in our city, seven of which, tragically, resulted in fatalities,” said Sgt. Shannon Gordon of the Regina Police Service Traffic Unit. “Drivers can do their part to keep our roads safe by coming to a complete stop at all red lights and stop signs. One way to encourage that behavior is through the Red Light Safety Program.” 

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