Holy ship, that’s big!

In recent years cruising has become wildly popular, and I’m not talking about backroad cruising, I’m talking about boarding a big ship and touring the Caribbean, Alaska, or the Mediterranean. By the end of 2023, it’s estimated the cruise industry made over $25 billion and that’s expected to grow to $30 billion in 2024. Currently there are 430 cruise ships around the world, including the newest, and largest of them all, the “Icon of the Seas.”

The 250,000 pound Icon of the Seas was built in Norway for the Royal Caribbean group at an estimated cost of $2 billion US. From bow to stern, she’s over 1200 feet long and 20 decks high. There are eight different “neighbourhoods” aboard the ship, including 40 restaurants and pubs, six waterslides, seven swimming pools, an ice skating rink, and a theatre. The Icon of the Seas can take on 7,600 passengers and 2,350 crew members for a total of nearly 10,000 people! That’s the equivalent of almost every person in Weyburn being loaded up on a ship for a week long cruise. I don’t think anyone would complain about that, either! The ship departed for its maiden voyage this past weekend from the cruise capital of the world, Miami, FL.

When it comes to cruising, the most popular destination is the Caribbean where 45 per cent of passengers chose to visit. The western Mediterranean was the second most popular followed by China and Asian regions. Life on board a ship can be a tremendous amount of fun with most guests gaining approximately one pound a day thanks to indulging in great food and beverage. In fact, a cruise ship will go through over 20,000 ice cream cones a week! Not only do people retire on cruise ships, they also love getting married on them. In 2020, Princess Cruises set a world record for the most weddings on three ships with 1,443 couples tying the knot.

It’s not cheap to go on a cruise and many couples save up a lifetime to experience the life and luxury of being on board a massive ship. If a cruise is in your future, soak it in, enjoy the moment, and happy cruisin’!

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