Enjoying a Saskatchewan winter is great when it is around -10 to -2 degrees. No wind! Another ideal situation. No blistering cold to factor in, perfect. We need it but we don’t need rain at least right now! Snow in February is a must for the moisture levels. Gee, we are a tough lot to make happy when it comes to weather.

Our prairies are parched! Warm windy weather dissolving a slim snow cover doesn’t help. This weather however, is ideal for pushing people outside to enjoy some “winter” activities. Although wallowing in muddle puddles is not what I had in mind.

What are the things you like doing in the winter? Outside, people are more than excited to go cross country skiing, snowshoeing, skating and winter walks. The building of snow forts and ice huts or igloos is popular. Snowmobiling, shinny, ice fishing, downhill skiing and sledding are inviting as well.

Some of our winter activities truly are spectator sports that allow you to enjoy food and beverage, not lifting a finger – unless putting that drink to your lips counts. Let out all your frustration or joy at hockey or curling. Buildings across Saskatchewan are filled with families watching family members compete in tournaments, playdowns and everything in between. We all need a cheering section. And we all know there is a jeering section out there as well.

If you aren’t a huge sports fan and you don’t know how to embrace winter on the prairies, let me invite you to explore FROST Regina this week and into its final weekend. It is lights, ice sculpture, ice bars, food that warms you during the winter months. There are ways for you to try things such as Crokicurl, skating, or a handle on curling. And just a reminder the 2024 Montana’s Brier will be held in Regina this March 1st to 10th. The Brier Championship Tankard is on display at FROST REAL Hub. If you really want to explore sport history in Saskatchewan, visit the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame located at 2205 Victoria Avenue, right across from Victoria Park.

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