This Saskatchewan country artist is releasing a vinyl only record (Audio)

When it comes to storytelling in Saskatchewan, nobody does it quite like Blake Berglund. He has an incredible ability to blend stories of growing up on a farm near his hometown of Kennedy using strong lyrics, harmonies, and instrumentation.

Blake Berglund part 1

Berglund’s latest project is one called “What’s Left of Right,” which combines his own memories with a political statement. This album is his sixth studio release and his first from a new record label called “Western Seer.”

“I’ve always written country and pushed the bounds of country music and this record is heavily influenced by George Strait,” proclaimed Berglund.

For those who may not know, or for those who forgot, Blake Berglund started out as a rock singer before branching off into country music. The rock musician is still alive and well within him and he felt compelled to include a few of those heavy songs on the album.

Blake Berglund part 2

“I saw this record as 4 year old Blake channeling 15 year old Blake healing 8 year old Blake and it’s pretty heavy, it’s pretty grunge at points, and I like industrial music,” Berglund explained.

To celebrate the arrival of “What’s Left of Right,” Berglund will hosting a vinyl release part Friday night (Feb 2nd, 2024) starting at 8pm at Darke Hall in Regina. Lachlan Neville, an emerging artist from Rocanville, will kick off the evening followed by Berglund’s wife Belle Plaine. Berglund will close the night off with an evening of stories and music.

“I’m just all in right now. I heard a clip of his last summer (of) a song he wrote on Instagram and he’s one of the strongest songwriters I’ve heard in my career,” said Berglund about Lachlin Neville.

Tickets for the show can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Blake Berglund in CKRM’s Century Studio. Photo by Gloria Evans

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