Distracted driving is more than just cellphone use: SGI

In Regina, distracted driving is more than just glancing at your phone—it extends to everyday activities that take your focus off the road.

From munching on a burrito to applying lipstick or even engaging in lively conversations with friends, any diversion poses risks. SGI is driving home the importance of concentration behind the wheel.

JP Cullen, Chief Operating Officer of the Auto Fund, underscores that driving demands focus on various tasks like steering, braking, signaling, and monitoring traffic. The ongoing SGI campaign for January and February centers on collision avoidance, emphasizing the role of attention in preventing accidents. With the majority of collisions involving human error, a distracted driver is significantly more likely to make a costly mistake.

For both months, SGI is reinforcing the message that when you’re in control of a 2,500-kg vehicle moving at 50 km/h, staying alert and giving driving your full attention is paramount. Distractions can lead to serious or even fatal collisions, hence the strict penalties for distracted driving, starting with a hefty $580 ticket and four demerits.

Eliminating distractions becomes crucial for everyone’s safety. The next time you settle into the driver’s seat, take a moment to consider potential disruptions to your focus. SGI encourages drivers to be mindful and avoid activities that could compromise their attention on the road.

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