Door Bell Cam shows someone setting a fire at Historic Church in Regina

Blessed Sacrament Parish appears to have been the target of an arsonist after a fire early Friday morning.

Now, a “doorbell cam” video released on social media over the weekend seems to confirm what happened.

Photo courtesy of Blessed Sacrament Parish’s Facebook page

Regina Fire Fighters were called to the 2000 block of Scarth Street near 12the Avenue just after 3:30 am Friday morning.

The fire at a back door to the parish was quickly extinguished.

The video on social media shows someone with a jerry can, dumping out its contents and attempting to light it on fire. After several attempts, this person was successful and took off on foot away from the camera.

Blessed Sacrament Parish is the oldest Catholic church in Regina, being built on Scarth Street in 1905. The parish website says services have been suspended until at least Wednesday while the damage from the fire is assessed and cleaned up.

Police have not furnished any updates on the fire, or the status of the investigation.

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