If you could change your name, what would you change it to? (audio/video)

Today (Feb 13th) happens to be “get a different name day,” which had Gloria Evans, Jeff Richards, and I wondering what would we change our name to? Take a listen below at our “new names.”

Parents today are very creative when it comes to naming their kids. Not very often you hear about parents using those older names anymore like Hilda, Bertha, Ferguson, Mabel, Ruth, Agnes, Tobias, Rupert, Helga, Edith, Frederick, Walter, Herb, Winnifred, Wilma, Betty, and many others. Some names have stood the test of time, however, thanks to celebrities and even the Royal Family. Names like Harry, William, Henry, Catherine, Edward, Megan, George, and Charlotte still remain popular after all these years.

According to Statistics Canada the most popular name for girls today is Olivia, which has been the top name for the past seven years. In fact, in 2023 alone it was used over 1800 times. The second most popular name was Emma followed by Charlotte. For boys, the most popular name was Noah, which was used by new parents a whopping 2200 times last year! Liam remained popular in the past year, taking second place while William came in third.

Celebrities have also come out with their share of unusual and creative names. Beyonce and Jay-Z named one child Blue Ivy and another named Rumi. Singer Cardi B named her daughter Kulture, Liam Payne and his wife named their child Bear, Alicia Keys and her husband named their kids Egypt and Genesis, and Erykah Badu named her children Puma, Seven (inspired by Seinfeld?) and Mars.

I can safely say the name “Cody” had a short lifespan. It seemed to be popular for a brief time in the mid to late 80’s and briefly in the early 1990’s and then it kind of disappeared. I guess, in a way, us “Codys” are a unique bunch now…at least that’s what I’m telling myself!


what would be your unusual and creative name if you changed your current name?

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