Just add water and syrup!

Ground Hog Day, Valentine’s Day, Flag Day, Family Day, even World Radio Day. But what about this one, a tasty one and a day that has meaning for billions of people around the world. Shrove Tuesday! Or to some called PACZKI Day (Polish for little package) or FAT TUESDAY.

Head to a community centre or your local church to indulge in the butter, the syrup and any of the extra toppings that fit or taste good on Shrove Tuesday pancakes. My personal favourite; chocolate chips with nuts. And so begins your journey and the gateway to moving through Lent and finally Easter Sunday.

Cody and I popped into Westminster Church on the corner of 13th Avenue and Cameron Street for a stack of pancakes, sausages and if we would have been earlier fresh fruit and eggs too! The extras did not matter because the flapjacks were so good, the sausages just right of course syrup and whip cream.

Community visiting is key to enjoying any new surroundings. So a big thank you to Ken Jones, Cam Fraser, Darrell Reine and Doug Bradford for making us feel at home. Congregation size in Regina churches have been dropping off over the years. Whether it is the spin-off of Covid-19 or just that congregations are aging out the numbers are down. Surprise your family and yourself, grab a spot at a church this Easter season. I think we could all use some positive re-enforcement.

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