Moe leading delegation to India

Premier Scott Moe is currently leading a high-profile delegation on a mission to India.

The primary objectives include expanding trade opportunities, attracting investments, and spotlighting the province’s pivotal role in ensuring global food and energy security.

The Premier underscores Saskatchewan’s leadership in natural resources, agri-value, and sustainability, with a particular emphasis on the remarkable $700 million agri-food exports to India in 2023.

An essential highlight of the mission is Premier Moe’s participation as a speaker at the renowned Raisina Dialogue in New Delhi. The annual conference gathers key policymakers and stakeholders worldwide to discuss pressing global issues.

Premier Moe plans to leverage this platform to articulate Saskatchewan’s commitment to sustainable agriculture practices and the reliability of its supply chain.

Education also takes center stage as representatives from the University of Saskatchewan join the delegation to sign crucial Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs). These agreements aim to strengthen ties with QPiAI, a prominent tech company in India, and the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, fostering collaborative educational initiatives.

In 2023, Saskatchewan played a pivotal role in Canada’s total exports to India, accounting for 26 percent, valued at over $1.3 billion. The province’s significant contributions include being India’s largest exporter of key products such as potash and lentils.

As Premier Moe’s delegation strives to deepen ties, the mission holds immense promise for advancing economic, educational, and diplomatic collaborations between Saskatchewan and India.

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