Improper Disposal of “Smoking Material” the Cause of a Fire Saturday in Regina

Its a story all too familiar to fire investigators.

The improper disposal of “smoking material” is what led to a massive fire on Centennial Drive Saturday Night, forcing 55 people from their homes.

Two people were injured, but not by burns or smoke inhalation. Both were injured trying to get away from the smoke and flames, dropping from the upper floor of the complex to the ground. Their injuries are described as serious, but not life threatening.

The fire started on a lower level balcony or patio.

Regina Fire and Protective Services Deputy Chief for Operations Gord Hewitt says the best way to dispose of smoking material is by using a metal can or bucket half filled with sand.

Last year in Regina there were two deaths and numerous fires caused by improper disposal of smoking material.

Of the 16 suites in the complex, two are destroyed, but fire fighters managed to protect the rest and most people in those 14 suites have been allowed to return.

Regina Fire was not able to give a cost estimate of the damage to the complex.

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