Multiple fish left to waste on Montreal Lake

Conservation officers are looking for those responsible in a case of several game fish being left to waste on Montreal Lake.

Christopher Lake conservation officers got a report on January 28 about 7 whole northern pike that had been left about 300 metres from the shore of the lake near Timber Bay, Saskatchewan. Officers believe the fish were left out between Saturday, January 27 and the morning of Sunday, January 28.

Map of where the wasted fish were located on Montreal Lake, near Timber Bay. | Photo credit: SaskTIPS

“I’m not sure if someone just doesn’t like pike and thought that they were doing the lake a favour or they just didn’t want to fillet them but regardless it is a waste of a game fish that could have fed a family or two.” said Cody Osborn, SaskTIPS Communications Coordinator of the case.

Wasting game fish, Osborn says, can result in a $200 fine, plus $50 per fish, and fishing suspensions.

Anyone who may have information about this incident can call the TIPP line at 1-800-667-7561. 

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