Stunting, street racing to have serious ramifications starting May 1

In a bid to curb dangerous driving behaviors, Saskatchewan introduces stringent penalties for stunting, street racing, and high-speed offences effective May 1.

Motorists caught engaging in these activities will now face a 30-day vehicle impoundment and an immediate seven-day license suspension, in addition to heightened fines implemented in 2022. Minister Responsible for SGI, Dustin Duncan, emphasized the intention behind these robust measures is to dissuade drivers from endangering road safety. The new penalties underscore the government’s commitment to ensuring safer communities and highways.

Under the updated legislation, drivers involved in stunting, street racing, or exceeding speed limits by over 50 km/h or double the posted limit will face immediate consequences. The 30-day vehicle impoundment and seven-day license suspension will be imposed alongside increased fines introduced in 2022 for stunting and street racing. Duncan stressed the severity of these penalties, emphasizing their aim to discourage dangerous driving practices that pose risks to all road users.

In addition to the fines and demerits, registered owners of impounded vehicles will bear the responsibility for towing and storage fees. Once the suspension period concludes, drivers must visit a motor license issuer to have their driver’s license reprinted, incurring an additional fee. Multiple traffic convictions may lead to further sanctions under SGI’s Driver Improvement Program.

The legislative changes, effective from March 1, will begin enforcement on May 1. Duncan urged drivers to adhere to safe driving practices, emphasizing the government’s commitment to supporting health care professionals in enhancing patient care. For more information and safe driving advice, residents are encouraged to follow SGI on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The revised penalties also address escalating ticket costs for stunting and street racing, increased to $580 in October 2022. Repeat offences within a year will incur higher fines, with speeding ticket costs contingent on the vehicle’s speed. All offences carry four demerit points, and ticket costs encompass base fines and the Victims of Crime surcharge. The updated penalties reflect the government’s dedication to promoting safer roads and discouraging risky driving behaviors that jeopardize public safety.

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