A “Rain Delay” at the Brier

A little water dripping from the ceiling at Brandt Centre caused a few short delays in the Montana’s Brier.

Around 11:00 this morning, water started to drip down from the ceiling onto one of the sheets while a game was being played.

According to the REAL District which operates the Brandt Centre the “interior building temp, combined with the cold outside air, was causing the development of condensation on a protruding apparatus connected to a roof antenna.  The condensation thawed, and developed a small drip on to the ice surface below.  The issue was rectified by adjusting the pipe position, and redirecting the accumulation of water to a collection point.  Play resumed approximately 18 minutes later.” 

REAL says is in close and constant communication with the Brier ice making team to ensure the building temperatures and configurations provide optimum playing conditions.

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