NDP Uses FOI Request to Shine a Light on Government Trip to Paris

The NDP is demanding to know why Crowns Minister Dustin Duncan spent over 2,347 Euros, or about $3500.00 Canadian for a car service in Paris.

Duncan, his chief of staff and others were in the “City of Light” last November for the World Nuclear Exhibition.

The NDP is pointing to documents it received in “Freedom of Information” request.

“This is another example of how entitled and out of touch the Sask. Party is,” said Official Opposition SaskPower Critic Aleana Young. “I don’t know how this Minister says ‘no’ to gas tax relief and then turns around and bills taxpayers for his private tour through Paris.”

The documents reveal Minister Duncan getting picked up in a Mercedes by a car service at a museum in Paris that houses the tomb of Napoleon. The NDP says Duncan’s schedule showed he was supposed to be touring the various pavilions at the World Nuclear Exhibition. The car service also took Minister Duncan to the Arc de Triomphe, which tax payers paid for. The Expo the minister was attending was an hour away from his hotel, and the museum he was visiting.

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