Province makes investments in breast cancer screening

The Government of Saskatchewan is making significant investments in breast cancer care and screening initiatives, aiming to enhance breast health services across the province.

Health Minister Everett Hindley announced the opening of a new Breast Health Centre in Regina, set to provide a comprehensive range of services, including diagnostic imaging, consultations, patient education, and post-treatment care. The facility, located at Regina Centre Crossing on Albert Street, is expected to start operating in the 2024-25 fiscal year.

As part of these enhancements, the provincial breast cancer screening age eligibility will expand from 50 and older to include women aged 40-49, aligning with recent changes in other provinces. The expansion, set to take effect gradually starting January 2025, aims to improve early detection and timely intervention.

Additionally, the government plans to implement new breast cancer tumor localization technology in spring. This advanced technology allows for the precise localization of breast tumors, reducing delays and cancellations while providing a more comfortable experience for patients.

Hindley emphasized the commitment to delivering safe, high-quality, and timely care. The province has taken proactive measures, including referring eligible patients on urgent waitlists for diagnostic procedures to a facility in Calgary, with 172 patients already benefiting from this initiative. Efforts to increase access, streamline services, and invest in breast health reflect the government’s dedication to improving outcomes for breast cancer patients in Saskatchewan.

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