Snow. Wind. Sask. Curling.

Friday night opening of the Montana’s Brier 2024 in Regina and then the storm hit dumping snow in Saskatchewan and threatening to send a message to Canadian Curling Fans from coast to coast. If you know anything about curling, you know it takes a fair bit of Mother Nature to shake the “steady as she goes” curling fan. And yes, the seats maybe be a bit vacant in this shot of the Tuesday afternoon, but don’t let that fool you. Over a snowy, cold weekend things were jumpin’ and when Tuesday morning rolled in so did school kids and they brought the energy. I think a few of the older fans wondered what had happened. Nothing says livening things up like having kids screaming out your province’s name! So these first 5 days of the men’s championship have been terrific.

Over the weekend, the fan base bloomed with fans sharing their love for the game, whether it was in barely there t-shirts and board shorts like Koe’s Bros. (Just a group of guys from Winnipeg that have a buddy curling this week!). OR it was the crew with the knitted curling rock hats, the big group of fans cheering on Northern Ontario, the Quebec fans, the Gushue Girls “flossing” during the 5th end break it is all fun, it is all Canadian and it is the Brier way.

To say there is always room for one more is an understatement. The sport of curling welcomes you to the table. Because, you’ll learn as you go along. If it seems that this might be a NO, think again because someone sitting around you will help ya out! Just today while watching the games and the crowd, it felt as though you were at your home town rink. You’d grabbed some rink fries, a cold drink and you would be sitting at the local curling club watching the playdowns with your pal.

Join in the fun, there is a seat for you. Brandt Centre box office has your ticket or go on line and follow the box scores. But do not miss out on this opportunity to be apart of the sportsmanship, friendship and essence of this very Canadian game.

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Saskatchewan and Canadian Curling fans flock to REAL District's Brandt Centre to watch the best curlers from coast to coast at the Montana's Brier 2024.