Teachers Launch Provincewide Ban on Extra-Curricular Activities

Teachers in Saskatchewan have begun a two day ban on participation in extra curricular activities at school. This will effect sports teams, dram clubs and many other before and after school programs.

The teachers announced they were going to take this step several days ago, and offered to not follow through on this job action if the provincial government would negotiate on “class size and class complexity”. The government refused, and the teachers launched the ban today.

Its part of a series of rotating strikes the teachers have been employing over the the last few weeks, which includes day long strikes in certain areas, as well as a withdrawal of lunch supervision.

Teachers have withdrawn lunch supervision in the following school divisions today:

All schools in Chinook School Division
All schools in Horizon School Division
All schools in Northern Lights School Division
All schools in Northwest School Division
All schools in Prairie Spirit School Division
All schools in Prairie Valley School Division
All schools in Saskatchewan Rivers School Division and Prince Albert Catholic School Division
All schools in Sun West School Division

The Sask Party Government is accusing the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation of not being willing to bargain. Teachers maintain they are ready, as soon as the government is willing to talk about “class size, and class complexity” at the provincial table. The government says that issue if for the elected school boards to work out on a division by division level. The provincial government has already set aside money for districts to study the issue.

With neither side willing to budge from their positions, there seems to be no pathway to a deal.

Premier Scott Moe suggested there would be more coming from the government this week that shows their commitment to education, but he wasn’t specific.

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