Massive win for Saskatchewan over NWT in Montana’s Brier

Team Saskatchewan continued its impressive start at the Montana’s Brier with a 10-2 victory over The Northwest Territories.

After a blank in the first end and a Colton Flasch triple take-out in the second, McEwen had a tough shot for two. His shot stone rolled too far, only scoring one.

Saskatchewan had a rock buried at the back of the 12-foot in the third end for Jamie Koe’s last rock. That forced The Northwest Territories to draw for a single, tying the game.

McEwen had a great set-up to the fourth end, sitting two before Koe’s last rock. Koe’s attempt at a freeze bounced, giving McEwen a shot at three. With hack weight, McEwen came around a high guard and punched the yellow Northwest Territories stone out the back, giving Saskatchewan a much-needed score of three.

The fifth end didn’t give Koe many options with the hammer. McEwen sat two, so in an attempt to score multiple, Koe tried to hit it off of his own rock on the 12-foot. He was able to score one, which meant Saskatchewan had a 4-2 lead at the fifth end break with the hammer.

Saskatchewan played a clean end in the sixth, setting up a wide-open hit for two. McEwen was able to make that hit and stick around, giving the home province a commanding 6-2 lead.

In the seventh end, McEwen attempted to freeze his last shot against a Northwest Territories stone behind cover. Facing two, Koe flashed his attempt at a double, giving Saskatchewan an 8-2 lead.

The game ended in the eighth end after another steal of two for Saskatchewan.

The home province is back on the ice Wednesday night in a game against Nunavut.

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