Government strikes deal with school boards about classroom supports and mental health resources

The Saskatchewan government has inked a multi-year funding agreement with the Saskatchewan School Boards Association (SSBA), along with the endorsement of locally elected boards of education. The agreement ensures a minimum of $356.6 million annually for four years, dedicated to classroom supports and an additional investment in youth mental health resources.

This substantial budget marks the largest-ever increase of $180 million to school operating funding.

Education Minister Jeremy Cockrill emphasized the commitment to addressing crucial issues like classroom size and complexity through long-term funding for classroom supports. Cockrill urged the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation to conclude their job action and return to the bargaining table, emphasizing the government’s unprecedented commitment in the signed agreement.

SSBA President Jaimie Smith-Windsor highlighted the agreement as a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Education and school boards, emphasizing the importance of local-level solutions involving teachers, staff, students, parents, and families. The partnership signifies a dedication to ongoing collaboration, strengthening relationships, and providing direct investment for Saskatchewan classrooms. The agreement aims to formalize a pathway towards long-term funding sustainability, recognizing the diversity of Saskatchewan’s communities and the significance of local decision-making in shaping the future of education.

Earlier today, the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation announced three more days of job action next week.

Teachers notified the public of a three-day, provincewide withdrawal of extracurricular activities scheduled for March 11-13.

Additionally, there will be a one-day, rotating withdrawal of noon-hour supervision on March 11.

STF President Samantha Becotte emphasized the need for the government to negotiate class size and complexity within the collective agreement to ensure the long-term success of the education system.

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