Koe’s missed opportunities allow Saskatchewan to move on

Hammer proved to be difficult in Saskatchewan’s 7-0 win over The Northwest Territories Friday night to advance to the 3-4 page playoff game.

Saskatchewan skip Mike McEwen had a soft angle tap to try and score two in the first end. He didn’t get enough of the yellow Northwest Territories stone, but was able to score one.

With Saskatchewan sitting two in the second end, Northwest Territories skip Koe had a chance to throw a thin double takeout to score as many as three. He hit the first rock too thick, giving up a steal of one.

Koe had an angle raise to try and score multiple points in the third, but he wasn’t able to make it, giving another steal of one to Saskatchewan.

In the fourth end, Koe tried a runback to try and score one, but it did not curl enough. Saskatchewan picked up another steal of one, increasing their lead to four.

Koe had a shot for two in the fifth end; a tap on a Saskatchewan red on the button. He crashed on the guard, giving Saskatchewan yet another steal.

Northwest Territories were sitting two before McEwen doubled them out with his last rock in the sixth end. Koe peeled out the remaining Saskatchewan stone for a blank end to hold onto the hammer.

In the seventh end, Koe attempted another angle raise for two. He missed it inside, resulting in yet another steal for Saskatchewan.

Koe then flashed an in-off attempt to score two, giving Saskatchewan another steal of one to end the game.

Saskatchewan will play Manitoba’s Matt Dunstone in the 3-4 page playoff game on Saturday afternoon. The winner moves on to play the loser of the 1-2 page playoff game to be played on Saturday night.

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